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We purchase vehicles throughout the United States with mechanical problems or any other defects even if engine is not running. The whole process is quick and easy and your satisfaction will be guaranteed. Quickly and easily sell your junk cars for cash.

With Smart Auto Damage Solutions, you can sell your damaged or wrecked car, truck or boat in 3 easy steps. We will give you cash for your car and provide nationwide pickup. Why wait? Sell your wrecked car for cash today!

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mechanical problems?
Are you having major mechanical problems? Do you want to sell car online without having to pay expensive repairs? Then don’t throw your money away and let us buy your car. We will take your vehicle regardless of the condition and at absolutely no cost to you. We love to buy junk cars for cash. is the solution to your car problems.
samples of vehicles with mechanical damage we buy...
  • All Major Repairs
  • Replace or Rebuild Motor
  • Engine Knocking or Seized
  • Transmission Slipping / Transmission Failure
  • Sell Car Online
  • Cylinder Head Replacement
  • Smog Check Problems
  • Running or Not Running
  • High Mileage Cars and Trucks
  • Vehicles Requiring Multiple Repairs
  • Junk Cars For Cash
collision damage
Has your vehicle suffered from collision damage? Whether or not you have insurance, we can buy your car before you go through the struggle of having it fixed. And…did you know that if you have insurance, you can keep their check and get an additional one from us in return of your damaged vehicle? It sounds as simple as it is, so don’t you wait another minute and let us simplify your life by taking care of your problem.
samples of vehicles with collision damage we buy...
  • Light, Moderate and Severe Crash Damage
  • Uninsured Wrecked Cars and Trucks
  • Insured Repairable Autos and Trucks
  • Insurance Total Loss Vehicles
  • Flood Damage and Storm Damage
  • Junk Cars For Cash
  • Vehicles with Salvage Titles
  • Sell My Car Online